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About Joint Problems

Did you know that arthritis affects almost 21% of adults and that there are actually 3 kinds of osteoarthritis? It is a widespread problem and traditional treatments are costly. You can get painful hyaluronic acid injections or be prescribed expensive COX-2 inhibitors like Celabrex that only inhibit the pain and do nothing about the root cause. To understand what can be done about your joint problem, you must first understand what is happening to your body.

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Which Products Actually Work?

Most supplements don’t have much else to offer besides the ubiquitous glucosamine+chondroitin combination. Some also have MSM and hyaluronic acid but do they do anything to help? We’ve researched which ingredients are actually effective and are worth your money so you don’t have to.

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Today, the health care industry is dominated by large corporations that bribe doctors with extravagant functions and gifts. These doctors then implicitly agree to prescribe their patients with the company’s product(s).

The companies are able to do this because they are granted a monopoly on drugs they developed by federal regulators at the national level.

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  • Gordon

    Have you reviewed this product, “Greek Island Labs”?

    • Luisa

      Gordon, I used Greek Island Labs and really liked it. however, within days of not using it my pain would come back. So I personally feel that this product does help with pain and Stiffness but I have doubts that it is actually repairing or healing the problem. I used it for OA.

  • James Grissom, Ed. D.

    Thank you for your concise product comparison information. We, my wife and I, have been searching for osteoarthritis medications. Having taken 200mg/ 2x, Celebrex for some 20 + years it is becoming ineffective. We much prefer a more natural approach and have now discovered your website. Sorry it took us so long to find your information. We have tried “ArthritisTriple Stack” from with some benefit. Are now trying Instaflex with more benefit. Your recommendation for Mendamine CMO looks very promising! Plan on trying this product soon. Again, thanks for what you have provided. Dr. G

  • Carrie Schulz

    What is the best product for Glucosamine and Chondroitin. How many Mg. and liquid or pills, and which product label is best?

  • Keith

    To Whom It May Concern,
    I hope this day is finding you well. Thank you for your review of joint products. It is very helpful. I wanted to know if you had any feedback on the following products, and where they rank among the products you’ve analyzed:
    Life Essence Joint +
    Thank you for your time.


    I have been taking Glocosamine HCI 1500 mg with MSM 1500 mg

    Is Glocosamine & Chondroitin the better one to take – same mg?

    Thank you.

  • donald howerth

    About 10 years ago, I began to have pain in both hip joints.
    My doctor told me to stop daily long walks, and suggested that I could try glucosamine. I began glucosamine sulphate, 1 gram twice a day, and within a short time the pain was gone. However, after several years the pain began again and I started
    2 grams twice a day, and again the pain stopped. Again the pain returned a few months ago and I increased the dose to 3 grams twice a day. I am again pain free, at age 93, and playing golf in the middle 80’s on executive courses. I read that it doesn’t work, but I swear by it. Perhaps they need higher doses.

  • Naomi

    Which knee joint supplement CAN be used with Warfin

  • Charles Harris

    First, a question: Is there any evidence that Glucosamine/Chondroitin(taken one per day) affects blood sugar as a side effect? I have taken these capsules for approximately two years. My knee pain was not significantly better. So 2 months ago I discontinued them as there had been no noticeable improvement. However, my blood sugar readings,(which I also monitor) have improved significantly since quitting. Please note that no other factors,(such as change in medications or diet) have occurred.

  • Linda J Severt LPN

    I am requesting a review of Joint Solution with Collagen and HA. As a nurse, I have recommended this product to several fellow arthritis sufferers with no feedback from the company. What I cannot recommend is their customer service. I would like a second opinion before negotiating with them again.

  • Jean D. Finch

    I am 86 years old. Reasonably good health. I had a sudden eruption of pain in one knee 2 months ago. Knee would not sustain my weight when standing. I never had pain before in my knees- but did not walk well due to unsteady legs. I have had xrays and MRI – Lots of cartelage broken or damaged and other technical problems. No suggestion of operation by orthopoedic Surgeon.- but option to get cortesone injections. I have read about Joint therapy in the form of a supplement to lubricate the joints. Is this safe and do you recommend brands? Do you recommen knee support such as a light brace? Very anxious to resume moderate walking daily. Thank you Jean D. Finch

  • Richard R Raymond

    Need to compare sources of Glucosamine Hydroch;oride.

  • Jean D. Finch

    Do you recommend knee supports or braces for stability and relief of some pain? Jean Finch

  • Patricia LaChance

    For the last few months I have had limited movement when turning my had on both sides. The feeling is stiffness and aching if I try to turn my head further. My doctor seems to think that Glucosamine will help. I haven’t been diagnosed with arthritis but it seems to be pointing that way.

    Do you have any suggestions? I am 69 years of age and always been a healthy active person.



  • Stan Laut

    Which is a better Joint Pain Relief Supplement

    Flexcin or GNC Triflex Vitapaxck (8 Pills) or Trigosamine power of 3

    I usually take the Trigosamine power of 3 in the morning (2 pills), at night I take the GNC Triflex Vitapack (8 Pills) in the evening with a meal.

    I get some joint relief but not complete. Been on this program for about 3 months. Hip area, leg knee area still feel tightness. Exercise in the pool by walking in water for an hour 2 times a week.

    Still looking for a better joint reliever with a minimum amount of pill taking.

    I would appr54eciate a reply. Read some interesting information about Flexcin vs Supple and would l;ike to improve my supplement intake.


    Stan Laut

  • Cristina Diaz-Arntzen

    Hi There,

    I am allergic to Microbid wich is a sulfate product. Would I be able to take Glucosamine since it does have slufte?

    Please let me know if there is Glucosamine with out the sulfate.

    Thank you,


  • Winifred WindRiver

    What do you recommend as the best joint supplement? For many years I have been taking Boswellia with Ascorbyl Palmitate. All my joint pain has disappeared except that in my Right Shoulder. As a result, I seldom lie on my right side at night, although I would like to do so as an alternate to lying on my left side. Lying on my back or my stomach are not conducive to sleep for me. Thank you for letting me know “What’s the best joint supplement for 2011”, even if it should be Boswellia. Thank you!

  • M.L.Kaufhold

    I now have pain in both my knees and it is becoming harder to walk.

  • michael uyvari

    Could you please review “FlexoPlex” made by “pharmaxa” labs. Thank you, Michael

  • sylvie

    need to know abt cal-ez in powder and i need to find a supplement with glucosimine and chondroitin in a powder form question can u take glucosimine all the time or just sesion of it

  • gladys

    What do you know about the LIFE EXTENSION products for arthritis? My right thumb is giving me arthritis pain in the joint. I have started using 3 of their products. In the past I have been satisfied with their vitamin product for the eye.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you

    arthromax, fast acting joint, krill joint support

  • Dorothy

    My husband has arthritis. We have tried the True Hope supplements, but after being on them for several months, he is not feeling any better. It seems worse after he walks even short distances. He is 80 yrs. old. He had one seizure about 2 1/2 yrs. ago and has been on Lamictal ever since. He also takes a drug for his Prostate (this one only sometimes). Is there any nutritional supplement out there that might help him (it is in his hips)
    and will not interfere with his drugs?

  • Elizabeth L. Peters

    I would like to know what is the best product for joint support

  • Fred Schack

    I am scheduled for my second (rt) shoulder replacement on Mar 7, but talked to a very knowledgeable friend who recommended Instaflex along with several other therapies to rebuild cartilage and reduce osteoarthritis including microcurrent stimulation, significant blood oxygenation, among others. I also read about mendamine relative to the others to help reduce pain and possibly help rebuild the shoulder.

    Your opinion? (I realize it is NOT a medical opinion perse, but just “opinion”.)



  • Jean

    I found taking Glucosamine sulfate is the best for my knee pain It took care of it and it stayed gone. I recently couldn’t find it and picked up a bottle that said Glucosamine chondroitin MSN…I am in pain again… I am now going to buy the glucosamine sulfate again if I don’t find it again I will order it online. I feel (for me) I need the “sulfate” keeps the swelling down.

  • I know there are a whole bunch of products on the market for this, but have you ever tried SierraSil? I have tried some of the other products you listed, but this is by far the best joint health supplement I have ever tried. I even give it to my dog now for her hip and joint pain. I would love to see this as part of your comparison next time to see if I am the only one that has seen these results.

  • Glucosamine tapers over time once the body builds up the immunity, new studies are being conducted with lab rats and glucosamine where the rats are being injected with glucosamine and it creates a diabetic condition in the rat. The only product on the market that is all natural that your body will not build up an immunity to is called Jusuru. It is made for humans and pets. It is made of Biocell Collagen type 2, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate. The product is 95% bio available and 100% safe. Billions of dosages have been administered with zero side effects reported, and this ingredient is only available in Jusuru products. Awarded by the global research firm for being the best bone and joint ingredient in the world for 2010 and 2011.

  • Am wondering about Sierrasil and Joint Formula 14. Just started taking it. Have been taking Glucosamine and MSM for years and it has helped but it’s becoming less effective. If I stop completely pain is worse but even taking it, my pain is back and I have new pain now in my hips.
    Wondering if Sierrasil is worth waiting out the headaches.

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