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Product Manufacturer # Active Ingredients Artificial Dyes or Coloring
Mendamine 25 Bioprosper Labs 25 No
Animal Flex Universal Nutrition 16 No
Cellaplex Maximum Life Labs 16 No
Flexcin CM8 Flexcin International 15 No
Osteo Bi-Flex Rexall-Sundown Inc 12 Yes
Joint Vibrance Vibrant Health 22 No
Flexcerin/Flexoplex Pharmaxa Labs 10 No
Celadrin LTS Brands 1 No
Hyaluronic Joint Complex Source Naturals 6 No
Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Solgar 4 No
Vegan Glucosamine Deva 5 No
Avosoy Complete Dr Theo’s Official 7 No
Trigosamine Maximum Strength PatentHealth 3 Yes
Triple Flex Nature Made 3 Yes
Wellesse Joint Movement Botanical Laboratories 5 No
Flex-a-min Triple Strength NBTY 11 No
Instaflex Digital Direct 7 No
Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM Natrol 3 No
Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM NOW Foods 3 No
Move Free Advanced Schiff 7 Yes
Glucosamine and Chondroitin Kirkland Signature 2 No
Glucosamine and MSM Kirkland Signature 2 No
Joint Fuel Twinlab 9 No
Joint Juice Joint Juice 5 No
Glucosamine + MSM Schiff 2 Yes
Dona Glucosamine Rotta Pharmaceuticals 1 No
FlexNow SheaFlex70 BSP Pharma 1 No

27 comments to Compare All Products

  • Rene

    What about fish oil and llow dose doxycycline? Do you recommend this?

  • HB Brewer

    Where does Nutrilite (NPN 80015382) fall on your recomended list (from Amway)

  • Deborah Bailey

    Have you tested CVS and Walgreens brand Glucosamine/Chondroitin?
    If so, how did they rank?

  • Susan Bruton

    Have you heard of Advanced Biosolutions or Joint Advantage Gold?

  • Melvin Isa

    Is there a reason that Conquer HA is not included in your review list? I would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

  • Loren E. Austin

    I didn’t find SomaFlex, which other rating systems place
    at the top, in your ratings. Are there categories of joint
    supplements with different hierarchies ?



    In other words – the Kirkland Glucosamine HCI 1500 mg with MSM 1500 mg – and Kirkland Glucosamine 1500 MSN & Condrotitin 1500 mg are not all that good – they have only given these products one star?

    Where would I purchase . Mendamine CMO – I live in south Florida….

    Thank you

  • Bonnie Boyer

    did yoiu compare elations for healthier joints and if so
    where didi it rate thanks

  • Hal McGhee

    I have tried several. I am looking for something that really works.How about Mendamine and adding turmeric. How much turmeric should I add. Thanks. I also wants something that is comprehensive and contains all ingredients. hal

    • kevin m roche


      I have a product that really works. GLC 2000 It works because it has clinically proven 40% absorption rate and this is most important All other types have only 6%to 9% absorption rate this is why they are less effective

      call or email if you want what really works 317 519 9081

  • Mary Hyland

    I need to find a suppliment that will help me overcome my pain. I have right sided pain in my ankle, hip and groin areas. When I walk my left knee pains me because I shift my weight to my left side in order to walk. There are days when I have to use my sister’s walker. My legs fail me, I have to maintain my health as I have a total care sister that I care for in my home. I am 67 years old; have been unemployed since 2008 due to the economy; I need to go back to work as social security is not enough to live on. Can you tell me what suppliment I should be taking? Help!

  • Went to Google in hopes of finding cheaper source of Instaflex.
    Your review changed my mind. Thanks.

  • Mary

    How do you rate Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex?

  • randy haines

    What do you think of Supple healthy joints peach mango dietary supplement ?

  • Dave Bussey

    We’re on fixed incomes – Walgreens, etc., offer BOGO, but prices are still high, and we’re not sure about the quality.

  • verna greeley

    does msn have sulfer iam highly allergic to it what chonrontin

  • Mr Random

    SO surprised that New Chapter’s Zyflamend isn’t on the list. After spraining my ankle I had to favor my left leg for 2 weeks. It’s never been the same, and I have pain in it when staying on my feet for long hours or doing running consistently / gym.

    I work in a health food store. I’ve seen the products. If you want something tried and true, take glucosamine + chondroitin. That will help REBUILD. If you want to take care of the pain immediately however, you want zyflamend or any WELL-REVIEWED product that contains herbs/enzymes that will reduce the inflammation.

    again. To rebuild: glucosamine + chondroitin. To “de-flame”, zyflamend. Read the reviews online and you’ll see why I feel strongly about it. take care random internet peoples.

  • vito mangiaracina

    I have had alot of joint pain but have been unsure what I should get medicine wise, it’s looking like that mendamine is the best medicine to purchase, but where to I get it? I am a truck driver so I’m all over, but is it only at like one of those health stores or can I get it at a store? Please let me know

  • donna

    Did not finish.Sorry Zyflamend is a great one I recently was pretty much talked into Nutrilite Glucosimine 7 .Have yet seen a difference.Zyflamend has kept me pretty much pain free.I am a hairdresser have degenerative bone. The pain came back when I ran out of Zyflamend for 2 months . Will restock after using rest of the new one I was trying! Grat fro cancer patients also .My husband used it from radiation damage .We found it in a cancer book!

  • mary libby

    I just received a small book, in the mail praising Vital 3 yet I don’t see it on your list. Have you heard of it, does it work? Another website put Flexoplex on the top of their list with 5 stars.

  • Robert G. Stone

    How is the Supple drank compared to this list of joint supplements?

  • Mary Beth Busch

    I’m 65 and have arthritis in my hands and spine mostly. Which supplement is best for me. I need something for pain and to stop the destruction of my joints.

  • Mary

    How does GNC’s glucosamine + MSM rate?

  • nansaki

    I tried to swallow osteobiflex and nearly choked to death. i now take gelcap, same dose and it slides right down. i’m thrilled with the results. can’t believe i’m almost pain free after 5 weeks


    I am using Vital 3. I was unable to brush my hair or clean myself in private places because my arms had locked up so bad due to loss of cartlege in both shoulders. I have been using VITAL 3 FOR 100 DAYS. IT TOOK A WHILE BUT NOW I CAN REACH AREAS THAT I COULD NOT BEFORE. I ALMOST GAVE UP BUT EVEN THOUGH THERE IS STILL PAIN, I CAN REACH AND I DON’T NEED TO CALL FOR ASSISTANCE. MOST EMBARRESSING.

  • Mike Segal

    Please do not automatically ship this product until I see if it works.
    Thank you.

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