Resveratrol is a plant compound commonly found in grape skins and red wine. It has demonstrated life-extending effects in “lower” animals and a number of other beneficial effects.1

One study’s “results indicate that resveratrol seems to be an effective in vitro anti-inflammatory agent and has a chondroprotective capacity through suppression of (1) IL-1β- (2) ROS- and (3) tumor suppressor protein p53-production.”2 In other words, it was found to have inflammation reducing qualities and cartilage protective abilities.

Another study collaborated that resveratrol has been shown to be a “specific inhibitor of TNF-α and IL-1β induced NF-κB activation”3 which have roles in the inflammation response. In that study arthritic rabbits had resveratrol injected in between joints and the authors found that “resveratrol may protect cartilage against the development of experimentally induced IA.”3


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