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What is Instaflex?

Instaflex is a joint supplement from Direct Digital, LLC that markets itself as the culmination of all the latest research on alternative arthritis treatments.

Other Features

Instaflex has 5/9 of the ingredients we are looking for but is very expensive. Instaflex has 1250 mg of glucosamine sulfate, 250 mg of ginger, 250mg of standardized white willow bark, 4 mg of hyaluronic acid, 50 mg of curcumin, and 125 mg of boswellia serrata.

Glucosamine and hyaluronic acid are found within joints.

Ginger, white willow, curcumin, boswellia serrata, and the cayenne pepper may have immunomodulating properties.

Artificial Dyes or Coloring

Instaflex does not have any artificial dyes or coloring we are aware of.


1.5 stars out of 5.’s Ingredient Analysis:

Instaflex Ingredient Our Comments

Glucosamine Has 1250mg of glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine is a precursor to glycosaminoglycans which are a major component of joint cartilage.

Chondroitin Sulfate Does not have chondroitin which should be one of the main ingredients of any joint supplement. Chondroitin makes up glycosaminoglycans which are a component of cartilage.

Boron Doesn’t have boron, one of the most important ingredients for joint health. People that have boron as a part of their diet have a lower chance of developing osteoarthritis.

Avocado Soy Unsaponfiables (ASU) Doesn’t have ASU. ASUs are commonly prescribed in France for the treatment of arthritis.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) Has 500mg MSM. MSM is a vital source of sulfur for protein and connective tissue synthesis.

Boswellia serrata Has 125mg Boswellia Serrata extract standardized to 65% boswellic acid which is about 81.3mg boswellic acid.
Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) Does not have cetyl myristoleate. Cetyl myristoleate is a compound found in the joints of arthritis-resistant mice.

Curcumin Has 50mg of curcumin.  Curcumin is used to reduce inflammation in Ayurvedic medicine.

Hyaluronic Acid Has 4mg of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a vital fluid found in the synovial (joint-lubricating) fluid.

Instaflex Ingredients

Instaflex Supplement FactsServing Size 3 CapsulesServings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Glucosamine Sulfate 1250mg *
Methylsulfonylmethane 500mg *
White Willow Bark Extract (Standardized to 15% salicin) 250mg *
Ginger Root Concentrate 4:1 250mg *
Boswellia serrata Extract (Standardized to 65% boswellic acid) 125mg *
Tumeric root extract (Standardized to 95% curcumin) 50mg *
Cayenne 40,000 Scoville Heat Units 50mg *
Hyaluronic acid 4mg *

76 comments to Instaflex Review

  • Gustavo

    you don’t recomend Instafles because does not have this or that ingridient, ok. But what will you recomend that contains the ingridients tha instaflex is missing ?

    Thank you

  • G.A.

    Thank you for your comments. It help me to find the best solution for my joints.
    Also I tried Instaflex and it helped me, I didn’t have any discomfort or pain during the period I took it. In addition I think it’s very expensive, plus doesn’t have essential ingridients that could help to comfor my joints.
    Thanks again!

  • M.H

    It does not work. I don’t recomend Instaflex.Never use your credit card for this product.

    • Ron

      I tried instaflex advanced for 45 days it out performed many you have listed in left corner. I tried syner joint, Suppel, I must say the price keeps me from using the instaflex advanced it’s the best helped the most with my bone on bone knee and arthritis hip.

  • Linda

    With all the hype this product was getting I thought I would give it a try. After reading the review dont think I will waste my time. I currently drink Supple, which does help. I thought I pill and I am done. Guess not. I’ll stay with Supple.

  • I’m sorry you don’t find the product adequate, I think it is great, a rating of 5 out 5, worked immediately for me I can now walk without a limp,my knee does not bother me. I can stand on my feet for much longer time period than I could the week or day before starting on Instaflex. Best to call before the 14 day trial period up and get the price of $29.99 a month. Much in line with all other products of same category, in fact cheaper than other products I have been taking. All ingredients look good to me and must be in the right dosage or mg amounts for my body.****************

  • kathy

    Thank you for the information I,m on medication and can NOT take aspirin at all that would have been a health problem. I”m happy I found this information on your site.

  • L.A.

    Reiterating MH’s warning! Never use your credit card for this product or company. Once they get it, they continue charging products you never authorized. If the product was good they wouldn’t have to resort to these tactics.

  • Kristi

    What brand of product would you suggest that would be cheaper. I just ordered the trial and am now kinda scared with what is going to happen to my debit card information after reading these posts. Thanks for your help.



  • Cheryl KY

    Yes they got my friends debit card with out my or his premission ,I sent email to cancel order after the trail offer now I’m waiting for my friends account to be refunded good luck all:'(

  • Nilda

    I tried the Instaflex. In seven days I was getting up from the couch without knee pain, went up and down stairs without pain; BUT MY POCKET STARTED TO HURT BADLY SINCE
    I FOUND OUT THE PRICE. Looking for alternative I found you. Help!

  • Loring Palmer

    Have not tried Instaflex yet. However I do recommend BAXYL, Bioactive Hyaluroran. It’s relieved the pain in my knees because it lubricates the joints. Once a year I get a series injections of EUFLEXXA, Highly purified Hyallronan, that does the same thing for my knees and is more intensive than my daily oral dose of Baxyl. They’re a good compliment.

  • Angie

    I’m glad I read these comments prior to giving out my credit card inormation. I’m willing to buy a bottle of Instaflex over the counter to see how it works on me. I’m certain that all medications have various results for different people. I hope this product will help with my lower back pain.

  • P.A.

    This company is non-reliable. Do not order from them. They will not refund your money. I have beening trying for over a month.

    • Ron

      I never had an issue, they were very polite and professional so maybe it was a clone site not the official site. I also would point out sometimes company’s hire bad reps. That soon get fired?

  • ReneeIB

    I ordered the sample…the ad never mentioned the price of the product nor did I see that I would be placed on a auto-ship list and my credit card would be charged every 30 days? All the ingrediants are not listed, how do they get away with this? What if a person has a reaction to something in this product? Looks like a law suit waiting to happen? I thought there were government rules that covered that? This product is VERY expensive…and will start my cancel process and hope it happens without issues. I just feel after reading so much online about this company that they are trying to hide something? I don’t think you can trust them!

    • Ron

      I was told I had 18 days to cancel the next order once I got my free 14 day trial, my friend had no trouble and I actually got the next order for $40 plus $5.95 s/h, the conditions was straight forward?

  • Bill

    Got the 14 day trial and a 30 day supply and guaranteed refund if it didn’t work. Called to cancel and was told to try it for 30 more days and if it didn’t work would refund me. Called and left message to cancel because it didn’t work for me. Refills Kept coming. Billed for ALL back shipments. Called to cancel again. was told that the last shipment already went out and this would be the last billing. Tired of fighting and hope they stop coming.

  • Judy Sullivan

    I have just received my sample of Instaflex and am wondering if the MSM contains sulfa as I am alergic to sulfa. Also I’m already on Meloxicam (an NSAID)…will the asperin have a bad interaction?

  • Judy Sullivan

    Called and cancelled with no problems. Got a cancellation confirmation by email within minutes. Maybe so many complaints has made them change their ways.

  • Duane Parham

    This company Instaflex billed me $74.00 after my 14 days was up, I had to call twice to get them to remove the charge from my credit card Do not use your card. Did have some luck with the product..

  • bruce

    Regarding automatic reordering policies. DO NOT give your credit card info, but ask them to send you a bill and you will send them a check. That stops all of the nonsense.

  • don


  • Louise DePace

    I used instaflex and it helped me. I feel it is not a cure but it has given me some relief. I stopped taking it because I got some dry red spots around my neck area and on my eyelids and not sure if the ingredients in the instaflex caused it so I’m taking a 2 week break and believe it or not, I’m feeling the difference. Can you let me know if anyone has had the same reaction. I’m not sure if Instaflex caused the dry spots but this was the only new supplement that I took.

  • cindy huynh

    I planed to order the trial…good thing I read this review first..can anyone recommend a better joint supplement? I just started on “MOVE FREE” from Costco..but just found out it contain titanium dioxide it still safe to take it?

  • cindy huynh

    I planned to order the free trial..good thing I read this review first..I am taking the MOVE FREE from Costco, but just found out it contains titanium dioxide dye, is it still safe to take it?

  • Ive been ripped off by Instaflex



      I canceled your product before I was finished using it as I had to go into the hospital for a week. It was not cancelled and I was charged
      97.00 for it.
      I will seek out help on what you are doing to cheat people, old people and the vulnerable

      My brother is a FBI agent and he is not happy with this.

  • A.K. SHarma

    These people selling instaflex are basic crooks. They offered me free samples that I tried but stopped as caused fluttering in my ears. Then they already, without my consent sent me a month’s supply and charged, without my permission, knowledge or authorization, 72 dollars plus on my credit card (only way I found out was I check my card online weekly) without ever telling me. When I called to protest, their rep told me that he would give it to me for $39 and I told him I do not want it as it gave me side effects. He then promised that he would email me a cancellation for something I never consented to order (or was ever told the price, only told to pay $4 postage for trial samples. He never did and I have the case pending with credit card to refund. I told him that the product never worked. If it did I would buy it but tell me the price upfront. Please do not make the mistake of ordering so called free samples. They cahrge you once and when you cancel they already made their$74. Basic low lying crooks.

  • wiley smith

    please take me off your list my doctor said
    it will interfere with my other meds.
    thanks wiley smith

  • wiley smith

    please take mew off of your list my doctor said
    it will interfere with my other meds. thanks wiley smith

  • richard

    I tried this product Instaflex after many others. It seems to work, I am now walking, but still have some burning pain in my knees when sleeping. Great improvement in one week. The company did send me a confirmation that my trial is over and has been cancelled, so I am assuming I will not be charged each month. Give it a try.

  • Ron

    I got mine in 2015 so they must of weeded out the dead beat possible competition plants. I tried the instaflex advanced and it is the best as I have tried 15 different brands over the past 7 years. I just wish it were priced more reasonably.

    • Ron, I have been using for 5 years and have never had a problem, in fact when I quit for a while and then went back, I complained about the price and how much I was taking per day. I talked to a great girl about how different people may need different amounts, plus I found out that if I order 6 bottles at a time I can get them for $29.99 each. I used to pay $45 plus $5 shipping. Now I pay 29.99 per bottle and $5 to ship all six. I also order by phone when I want to, no auto shipping. I agree with your comments.I’m in Canada and I don’t pay exchange! I think it works too!

  • Janet Hill

    I have been trying to get these people on the phone and the phone is busy all the time. But they keep sending me the pills that I DON’T want!!!

  • Kate Anderson

    This is just another scam. My husband got the 30 day “supposedly free” trial and it didn’t work. It’s so sad that scammers go for people in pain. Got a number to reach from my bank finally and they finally answered my call after 2months of trying to reach them. Will only take back the next shipment coming (won’t stop it). Will not take back the 2 packages here unopened. BEWARE!!!!! if you buy the 14 day sample, they send 30 and put you on the monthly cycle at $75 a month and it doesn’t even work for him! Who has that each month for nothing???

  • Alfred Jones

    I take cumadin a blood thiner. What can I expect if I take Instaflex

  • Orfitelli

    Why the big price increase??..????

  • Leah Vogt

    I saw this advertised and decided to order the trial only to see if it worked for me. It came right away and I started taking it immediately. It has NOT worked for me, so I did not plan to order more. My husband looked at our debit card drafts and saw a almost 75 dollar chrge to instaflex pending. I do not remember seeing ANYTHING about signing up for an automatic shipment of this product. I tried to call the phone number that was listed on the charge, but since it was a Sunday, they were closed.I called right at 8 my time the next morning{ 6 their time, that the recording said they would open} and had to listen to a recording about offers for other services and THEN, it said that the number I had called had been changed for my calling area and to call another number, so I called it. IT was another recorded message about buying insurance, nothing was EVER said about Instaflex. I am in the process of putting a stop on the payment to them. PLEASE DO NOT fall for this SCAM!!!!

  • Ascot

    The reviews are somewhat dated 2011-2012, however they are pretty much consistent, that being, not to order via your credit card otherwise it would appear the only way to escape the clutches of that company would be to cancel your credit card, with all the troubles that entails.
    I was thinking of trying Instaflex even at the ridiculously high cost, but after reading all that true information supplied by the “bitten”. I’ll just forget it.

    Hopefully, by supplying my email address, I won’t be bombarded with offers of ‘better’ products.

  • Sue Crossen

    For some unknown reason, I chose THIS “caption” to read. Am I SOOO GLAD I did. Was going to order a trial for my Son. After reading ALLL the negative FACTS regarding credit card PROBLEMS, I CANNOT take the chance of having charges made to my credit card while living on ONLY Soc. Security. THANKS to all who were honest in telling others the TRUTH & SAVING them from having their problems. BEST wishes to ALL who need help – HOPE they receive it.

  • Sue, not sure who you are dealing with, but I call, I get through, I have my product in 4 days and I am never overcharged. Maybe because you are living in the states?

  • I agree with Carol Leaver. My arthritis in my knee was so painful it nearly disabled me permanently. There were days I couldn’t even walk. I was taking Tramadol (3 times daily) & Ibuprofen 800mg (twice daily) just to function. Then, I tried Instaflex, it was a miracle supplement for me so much that I no longer needed to take Tramadol and I have reduced my Ibuprofen dosage to only 1 daily. I started with Instaflex which cost me $ 29.99 per month and then moved onto Instaflex Advanced which I get on a monthly cost of $ 39.99 per month. I have never seen them priced at $69.99, I would have never been able to afford them. I understand if you order them directly from Instaflex and not GNC show sells thems you can get them at the price I do.

  • I was afraid to take the free trial offer. Been scammed before. Looked online an discovered you can buy instaflex in Walgreen’s an gnc stores. It’s not the advanced but it is working for me, an alot cheaper off the shelf. Good luck.

  • Chauncey Moore

    I read all the reviews. I did gather the product might work for certain individuals. My assessment, stop trying to get the 14 day free trial period. Just call the company direct, and order the product. If it works, your product purchase is in your control. You can call 800-436-0920 to buy the product at your discretion without setting up auto shipment, and auto-pay. This is what I just did. If it works or don’t work, at least my purchase is in my control, and I’m not getting all these headaches because I’m trying to get something for free.

  • Christine B.

    I have such a hard time with my knees and lower leg pain so and have found nothing so far that has helped them until I tried Instaflex. I have been taking them for a month now and have noticed mostly on the lower leg the pain has subsided. The pain in my kneecaps don’t appear as bad as they had been prior to taking Instaflex so I’d say overall its working for me. I actually was able to walk downstairs for the first time in over a year with much ease since taking it. Unfortunately the cost per month is going to hurt my pocketbook and will have to stop buying it…is there anything, and be honest here, a comparable product that is less expensive and works as great as Instafex has for me so far?

  • Albert Nicholson

    The reason i stopped taking instaflex is because cayenne causes my heartburn to flare

  • Leigh Jones

    Beware of the Trial Offer

    After reading most of the reviews and considering my own trial experience I’m guessing that this product might be more helpful to someone whose pain happens when they’re moving and putting stress on joints instead of pain that occurs at night or at rest. It was of no help to me at all.

    It was painful however to pay shipping to return the bottle I received not realizing I was on an auto ship program. Had the term instaflex appeared anywhere on the delivery I could have refused the package. I went to the website to find the wording about autoshipping but couldn’t get to it as it only appears after you enter your information which it doesn’t accept a second time.

    We all check off “terms and conditions” without reading it all as there are many pages of hard-to-understand legal protections –and that’s probably what I did here. Beware. They make it as easy as possible to make this mistake including giving you only 18 days or less to cancel.

  • Valerie nagy

    I am glad I didn’t order the trial size. I got clear to where you enter credit card and decided not to order. Thank god I did that. I did go to a local G.N.C. store and picked up instaflex I just started the product. Hope it works. Tired of knees and feet hurting from arthritis .

  • Paul

    Yes the price is expensive, but if you call them and ask for a discount they will accommodate you. I did this and now only pay $39.99 includes shipping. Be firm when you speak with them and ask for their manager if you have resistance.

  • pat

    It’s sad to know that some companies are just out there to get in your account and not be compassionate about what a person is going thru with pain.

  • Mary Fowler

    Well, I see most of these are about the price etc. I have to say that it clearly states that you need to cancel within the trial basis or you will be charged. I did the trial and by the 5th day, I could get in and out of bed. By the 8th day I had my knee braces off other than to go up or down stairs. I was going to order from Instaflex direct but saw a special on InstaFlex Advanced on the Walgreens site and it was buy 1 get one. Heck ya! I called to cancel my direct shipping. I spoke with a lovely woman who asked why and I told her it was great but that I found it at Walgreens for buy 1 get 1. She told me she saw that too but it was for the regular, not advanced. She went to the Walgreens site right while I was on the phone just to make sure it was correct and she said yes ma’am. It is correct and a very good deal indeed and she canceled my auto ship and told me to order lots! Simple. I told all the other people using it about Walgreens and they all ordered it and went to Walgreens to purchase. Sorry to say, no longer on special but every one that I referred to it and the person that told me about it are all having excellent results. I am off the prescription pain meds and muscle relaxers after 2 weeks and haven’t even taken an Aleve in a month!!!! So, try it but if it isn’t for you, cancel it before the 14 dat mark. Do it at 10 days – you will know by then if it helps and that way, it gives it time to get canceled before they prepare another shipment on the auto ship for you. Pretty simple.


    JANICE HABER 5/14/2016

  • cindy berrian

    Love Instaflex advanced – I get it from GNC – no problems there – I have been “trapped” by these types of call right away to discontinue – never works – so I get mine from stores. Yes it is expensive – but it works – no more knee pain and that is what matters to me.


    I thought that I had found something that would bring relief to my knees. However, after reading all the reviews, I decided not to waste my money on another scam. I thank all those who have tried the product and have written reviews.

  • sam

    my name is shawn i am 40 years old i do have knee pain and muscle i was reading what the best for saving time do not trust this product instaflex i did finish 3 bottle no help at all just waste of money

  • Linda

    Instaflex Advanced really works. Expensive yes, but how do you put a price on comfort? I went from having to wear knee braces and a cane and being in constant pain to very minimal discomfort, no cane or braces. It took about 6-8 weeks to tell a difference. As long as I can scrape the money together I will continue to take it.

  • please stop sending this product it dont work and i am calling better business you are a fraud stop costing me money i dont have

  • Carol

    I didn’t order – but purchased it at Walgreens – Same price – I have gone through 2 bottles and have had no results. I won’t buy again.

  • ingrid mullins

    I purchased a trial order on3/13/17 using my debit card.
    DID NOT REALIZE that they used my debit card in the tune of $74.98
    for a reorder. Never even started the trial dose….
    I spoke to a rep and explained that I wanted a refund and was told
    in a rude manner by “Rose” that the shipment was on its way and
    I could return it at my expense. I asked to speak to a supervisor
    was told he would contact me. I asked who the owner of the co was,
    she said she did not know…..Beware they want your credit card.

  • Richard Junghans

    My wife has been taking Instaflex, but because of cancer surgery (we believe – successful) and eye surgery yo removing an embedded stye, she stopped taking it. We have not found any independent information to justify her going back to it, and from what I read it is probably a good thing. Thank you all for your comments

  • Robert

    A thorough review of all comments on various websites raises the question of why the promoters ( “Doctors” erc)are not all in jail. Enforcement of consumer protection laws in the USA appears to be very weak.

  • Willis

    Any company that needs your credit card number to cover shipping charges just wants that number to sign you up for autoship. You have to read the whole ad. This happened to me on another product “free trial”. I did try the instaflex bought on amazon prime. Been on it 3 weeks and no change. Maybe worse

  • Terry Kimball

    This stuff absolutely works for me!! It started working after about 8 days of taking one pill a day. I could not believe the difference! BUT just make sure you call and cancel the auto-shipping, because they will charge you 75 bucks a bottle if you don’t, instead just order another 30 day supply for $29.99! But the stuff REALLY works. I’m 57 years old and I’ve got arthritis in both knees and ankle, and it’s like I never had it!! I used get out of bed like a 90 year old man, and now I can hop out with out no problem! Everyone is different and responds different to different medications, I’m just saying it worked like a charm for me.

  • jean

    I see they charged me almost 75.00!!!! I will call and complain and attempt to return unopened bottle. They are corrupt and don’t care about the shameful complaints..Do not use!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Irby hartley

    We live and learn. Too many “fantastic” products are marketed using this type scam of automatic billing/shipping. Some kind of regulations are required to stop this scamming. Also, many use prominent celebrities name to entice buyers.
    This stuff needs to be outlawed!!

  • cathy middleton

    This “wonder pill” is a FAKE!! Does Nothing for my Joints!! 2 weeks and Nothing!!!

  • Gerry Seger

    This product did NOTHING to help me. NO pain relief. It caused headaches also, so I have four pills left that I didn’t take.

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