Glucosamine is perhaps the most commonly recognized joint supplement. Its popularity grew and grew out of research done in the 1980s.

Glucosamine is an aminosugar and is a precursor to glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which are a component of connective tissues like cartilage. It is thought that by supplementing the body with glucosamine, GAG synthesis will increase.

There are 2 forms of glucosamine you can take orally: sulfate and hydrochloride. Most GAGs in the body are sulfated.

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  • Kelley Cronin

    Please help provide how these two Glocoamine (HCI) Hydrocholoride, and Glucosamine Sulfate….I am a diabetic and had very high sugar results with the Cortizone injections lasting for weeks.

    Or in you could me a site to refer to .

    Thank You,


  • Robert Binkley

    Does your product use shellfish for the Glucosamine (HCl)?

  • Dan Kanouse

    I take a number of medications. What, if any, are the interacions among the drugs – any medication prescribed or not – between the Glucosamine HCI 1500 and MSM and other medications whether presciption or OTC medications. Can you prescribe a wem site that provides this information. I have access to Mesdscape that lists intetractions but it usually only deals with prescription medication interactions. Thank you

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